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Manufacturing passenger cars for the Egyptian National Railways (ENR)

Total quantity: 1350 railway passenger cars, 730 of which will be manufactured by our company.


  • Third class, with direct ventilation
  • Third class, with air-conditioning
  • Second class, with air-conditioning
  • First class, with air-conditioning


  • Installation of interior assemblies
    • Installation of seats, luggage racks, toilets, electric cables, brake parts
    • Connecting of wheels, bogies
  • Assembly of bogies
    • A twin axle, two-stage suspension system with dual disc brakes
      Maximum axle load is 18t
  • Assembly of wheelsets


  • Length of car body: 24.5 meters
  • Gauge: 1435 mm
  • Maximum travelling speed: 120 km/h
  • Body frame material: stainless steel
  • Delivery schedule: 35 cars/month on average
  • Duration: 51 months

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