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The greatest railroad fan in Hungary

On 18.09.2021, we held the finals of the Great Railroad Quiz in the Orient hall of the Hungarian Railway History Park where 10 railway fans, who had successfully qualified at the online semifinals in July, had to answer questions on the history of Hungarian and international railway and on cultural topics. Áron Szánthó confidently won the title of ‘The Greatest Railway Fan’ at the competition organized by the DJJ and TMH Hungary, in the year of European Railways in 2021.

n the first part of the finals of the Great Railroad Quiz, players had to answer 20 questions compiled by railway experts, and the two players achieving the highest scores participated in the next round where their railway knowledge was tested again. Here, it was not only knowledge that mattered but speed as well, because only the first correct answer was awarded a point.

The greatest Hungarian railway fan’s prize was a trip to Saint Petersburg where he could visit a local railway museum, which boasts one of the largest collections in the world. The runner-up, János Panyik-Tóth, won an annual family ticket to the Hungarian Railway History Park, and Attila Balázs Fábián, who earned the third highest score, received a one-day trip from MÁV RailTours. The employees of our company competed in a separate category, Bernát Nagy was the most successful, his prize was also a trip to Saint Petersburg.

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