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Parts repair

Bogie manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of new bogies – based on license
  • Life-cycle based maintenance of bogies and brake systems
  • Redesign of bogies: adjusting bogies to remodeled body frames
  • Modernization of bogies: remodeling bogies from a log brake to disc brake, rolling noise reduction, improvement of rolling contact
  • Bogie refurbishment:
    • Refurbishment of around 400 bogies a year
    • 9 different types of bogies (incl. 200 km/h high-speed bogie types)

Manufacture and repair of wheelsets

  • Main profile: Passenger wheelsets with disc brakes and log brakes, tires and monobloc
  • Wheelset balancing
  • UH internal tensile testing, penetration testing, electrical resistance testing of tire wheels

Repair of brake parts

  • Repair and remodeling of various steering valves
  • Repair of railway brake cylinders

Buffers and towing equipment

  • Repair of buffers with TecsPak insets, rubber springs, ring springs
  • Repair of towing equipment with TecsPak insets and ring springs
  • Repair of screw couplers

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